High School AD Network Terms & Conditions

I. Use of Service. High School AD Network, LLC (HSAD) offers a website, www.hsadnetwork.com, to be used by high school athletic directors, coaches, officials and job seekers to simplify communication. You agree to use the website to schedule games/contests and communicate with other users with regard to our unauthorized activity described below.

II. Unauthorized Activity. You are prohibited from any unauthorized activity on HSAD. HSAD holds the right to determine whether activity is deemed unauthorized which includes but is not limited to:

a. soliciting business or sending advertisements, promotions, or informational messages to other users about business opportunities, vendors, or other companies;

b. using explicit language; and

c. talking about school programs, ADs, coaches, or student-athletes in a negative manner.

III. Warranty Disclaimer. The services rendered by HSAD are provided "as is" and comes without warranty, either expressed or implied.

IV. Limitation of Liability. In the event any information is compromised by a third party, you release HSAD of any and all liability. You understand HSAD has taken additional measures to ensure increased security for all users. You understand the risk of submitting information such as an email address or phone number.

V. Changes and Updates. HSAD is continually seeking to improve both the user experience and functionality of the website. Changes may be implemented at any time with or without advanced notification. These terms and conditions may be modified at any time. Any addendum to these terms and conditions or modifications to the website will be sent via email.

VI. Termination. HSAD holds the right to terminate your account if deemed necessary by HSAD.

VII. Ownership of Information. HSAD is not accountable for any information made available by users nor any opinions of users that may be expressed via hsadnetwork.com.

VIII. Liability of Equipment. HSAD is not responsible for any equipment purchased or sold stemming from a post on hsadnetwork.com. Equipment to be sold or inquiries from users looking to purchase equipment is available; however, any and all equipment purchased or sold via a posting on hsadnetwork.com is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and the seller.

IX. Hiring Officials. The hiring athletic department has sole responsibility of ensuring the any and all officials hired via hsadnetwork.com have the correct qualifications to officiate the contest at hand. While HSAD has a verification process attempting to reduce the chance unqualified officials will be available, HSAD is not responsible for any issues arising from an official being found or hired through www.hsadnetwork.com.