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Triple Threat Leadership

Need Help Teaching Your Students How to Utilize Social Media Positively for their Futures?

Triple Threat Leadership Founder Dr. Scott Grant - a former high school teacher, head coach, athletic director, and most recently the Director of Leadership Development in Athletics at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has developed the “Branding of ME” course which teaches ALL students how to build a purpose, create a plan, and activate their value on Social Media through a unique approach to Personal Branding.

Let’s face it, students need to know how to use Social Media well for their future careers, and Dr. Grant has made an interactive, easy to understand program that has been utilized by thousands of students already!

Scare tactics don’t work, get them the positive approach training they need today!

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CLICK HERE: https://www.triplethreatleadership.com/branding-of-me-course

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